Aftercare Sober Solutions

Statistically of those people who are treated for alcohol misuse or alcoholism, privately or through the NHS – 85% are unsuccessful!

Our Mission Statement:

“We aim for all clients to leave our care as sober, changed people equipped with new skills, thought-patterns, qualifications, opportunities and behaviours for transformed lives, rather than merely coming out of treatment as non-drinking versions of the individuals who came in”.

Aftercare Sober Solutions will provide an unparalleled care programme for clients recovering from the misuse of Alcohol.

The programme will be aimed at those who have completed their physical treatment for alcohol addiction.

The care programme we will provide will seek to educate the client in the dangers of alcohol misuse, the true nature of their mental and physical illness of alcoholism. It will give them the knowledge they require to maintain a healthy life-style and through a variety of measures will equip them to build successful relationships with family, friends and employers.

We will equip these clients with tools they need to begin a new life as a healthy, valuable, contributing member of society.

Aftercare Sober Solutions will assess people’s skills and provide training where necessary creating the pathway back into employment. Aftercare Sober Solutions intends to educate the community by utilising the skills of our employees, many of who have successfully recovered from the misuse of alcohol and it’s consequences themselves and is passionate about helping others. This concept will be developed in order to stop the problem at source by giving our youth an insight into this issue and it’s consequences.

By providing aftercare in a warm, friendly and stable environment in the Aftercare Sober Solutions recovery property we will give our clients the best possible chance of success.

The clients will be assisted to regain their self-esteem and credibility so that they may achieve their ultimate goals of secure long term sobriety and success in their personal and professional lives.

Each client who successfully completes our aftercare programme will be given the opportunity to help others who are just beginning or part way through the programme. This will create an unshakeable sense of self-worth for all concerned.

All of our workers have undergone Discovery UK Behaviour Change and Motivational Interviewing courses, to equip them with the skills and understanding necessary to identify the root causes of self-destructive behaviour in alcohol and substance abusers, and drive them towards implementing restorative changes in their lifestyle and habits.

Aftercare Sober Solutions will also travel to many communities in football clubs, schools, and rehabilitation centres in order to meet the issue of alcohol misuse and it’s consequences facing our country and so many of it’s citizens head on. Our ambassadors and we will use our expertise and experience to prevent the problem as well as successfully treat it. The overall return of our clients to society – both socially and economically – will be a remarkable turnaround achieved by our revolutionary model. Our society has a massive challenge to face.

Aftercare Sober Solutions has the vision, knowledge and skills to meet this challenge with an unwavering determination leading to serenity, sobriety and success.

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